The archival sources in this section are compiled from a variety of references with many of the works selected offering primary and secondary insight into the effects of the AIDS Crisis both on the LGBTQ+ Community of Greenwich Village and in many instances, the greater United States as a whole. In addition to the primary and secondary literary sources that I have referenced in my background research, sources that I have found crucial to my own greater understanding of the AIDS Crisis, I have included cultural references from 1980 to 2000 that are centered around the AIDS Crisis. The additional reference points that I have included range from Larry Kramer’s scathing letter to the LGBTQ+ Community “1,112 and Counting,” to vintage footage of the 1983 New York City Pride Parade to the 1996 Tony Awards performance of “Seasons of Love” by the original Broadway cast of RENT. These sources offer additional insight into the cultural response to the AIDS Crisis and are invaluable in recognizing how AIDS affected greater American culture.